October 16, 2013: Two MInutes of Silence

In a few short weeks, it will be Remembrance Day. Permit me to share this photograph and these thoughts with you.


Montreal, QC

Every year, November 11 is set aside to honour the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for what is right and what is honourable. Remembrance Day is about where we stood and what we stand for, the act of sacrifice and the reward of accomplishment, the power of humility and the depths of heroism, the unease of doubt and the certainty of conviction, the force of determination and the finality of resolve.


This singular day compels us to ponder the sanctity of life and the ease with which it is lost, to consider the qualities of certitude and strength of character, pride and honour, gratiitude and comprehension, friendship and mutual support, conviction and faith.


It’s about recalling those who gave their all and, most importantly, moving forward with awareness, appreciation and understanding. 


Leslie Dunn (foreground) and Cynthia Price are the subjects of the candid moment captured on November 11, 2012, on the campus of McGill University in Montreal.


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Many viewers of our Carey Management Philanthropy Photos’ website know Ray Verdon, currently a director of ITWAL, formerly CEO of Nabisco, a man of great ability and many talents. His latest accomplishment is in the field of Canadian literature. “NOT EXACTLY A WAR HERO: The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Mondou” is a novel steeped in Canada’s 1944 Conscription Crisis. I had the privilege of reading the manuscript and, as an unabashed fan of mystery-thrillers, hope that this is just the first installment in a series of adventures that will have Ray sharing the bookshelf alongside Louise Penny and Kathy Reich. Yes, it’s that good! Expect a thoroughly entertaining read guaranteed to get the blood flowing now that the cool weather is here. You can pick up your copy in bookstores in the next few weeks, or to order now, just call 1-800-465-6072. 

Congratulations, Ray!

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