February 19, 2014: Tranquility


Near Lakefield, ON

Look past the sea of slush blocking access to the curb, and through the ice fog that turns the morning commute into a white-knuckle version of blindman’s bluff; you will discover beauty and calm, albeit before the next storm. Sunrise behind a hill in the Kawarthas affirms that glorious winter has settled comfortably over the land.


Near Rivière-Beaudette, QC

Suffused with soft light, a stand of bare trees punctuates the whiteness. Mist that formed in the predawn air vanishes as I photograph the scene. An electricity pylon is revealed, then a faint line separating snow from sky becomes discernible in the distance. I grow aware of ambient noise, including a hum from the high-tension wires and the whine of a transport on a nearby highway.    


Near Summerstown, ON

A boat dock is caught in the grip of the rapidly freezing water. Snow trapped in the imperfectly glazed surface of the ice, provides a near-cartographic representation of the wind’s force and direction. The scene is composed in the camera’s viewfinder so the jetty appears to extend past the limits of the frame, reminding me of the T.S. Eliot observation: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  I decide not to put those words to the test. 


Port of Montreal, QC

On a walk through Montreal’s Old Port, I come across a harbour cruise boat and laker tied up for the season. Standing alone with the city at my back, the frozen river at my feet, and peering at these two vessels through a diaphanous curtain of falling snow, I feel the stillness that February conveys. 


• • •



Near South Lancaster, ON

The days are discernibly longer and in just over a month we will reach the equinox. Why not break free from winter’s grip and get a jump on spring? Visit our Carey Management Philanthropy Photos gallery where you will find photographs from all four seasons.

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