September 4, 2013: Seasonal Snapshots

It’s late summer, but in a gorge west of Drumheller, the inexorable slide into autumn is nearly complete. 


Near Drumheller, AB

Gone are August’s languid days, pushed aside by September brimming with promise and determination. The usual signs are everywhere: truncated hours of daylight, chilly nights, morning dew and scores of back-to-school circulars featuring youngsters glowing implausibly at the prospect of returning to class.

 “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


Near Saint-Faustin, QC

Take a stroll through a university campus to witness young adults enjoying what will be their halcyon days, enthusiasm not yet dampened by pressure, and potential not diminished by time. 


Montreal, QC


Vancouver, BC

We Canadians have front-row seats to nature’s ultimate magical act. Let the show begin!


Oakville, ON


Oakville, ON


Please visit our gallery to view several new images that reflect the change in season. They are now available alongside a selection of old favourites.

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