August 10, 2015: Not Quite The Summer We Had Hoped For, But...


Saint-Anicet, QC 

In July the sun is hot,

Is it shining? 

No it's not!


August, cold and dank and wet,

Brings more rain than any yet.

 – Michael Flanders, Donald Swann, A Song of the Weather 


Near Magog, QC 


Too hot and dry in the West or too cold and rainy in the East: the summer of 2015 has targeted many a meteorologist as public enemy number one. Even in its diminished state, Canadians are determined to make the best of the season. We hit the road or relax by the camper,


Near Saint-Armand, QC


Venise-en-Québec, QC

cruise the strip


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC

or poke around wetlands.


Jones Falls, ON


Jones Falls, ON

We revel in the occasional perfect day,


Venise-en-Québec, QC


Jones Falls, ON

relish our time on the water,


Lake of Two Mountains, QC

or casually explore the city and countryside,


Montreal, QC


Near Saint-Polycarpe, QC

recharging our batteries and enjoying the moment.


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC


• • •


Sneak a peek at the all-new gallery, offering a much greater choice of photos and flexibility in how to display them. Rather than the one-size-fits-all solution of the past, pictures will soon be available in three sizes: 13.33 x 20 inches, 16 x 24 inches and 20 x 30 inches. I do recommend keeping a half-inch or one-inch border for handling, so the actual image on the sheet will be slightly smaller. As announced in the last issue of the Focal Point blog, if large-format prints on alternative materials such as acrylic are required, digital files can be made available to specialized facilities with the ability to print on textiles and plastics.


Previously, only a limited number of pictures were displayed at a given time. Photos were printed in quantity, inventoried, then shipped when orders were received. With a greatly expanded selection, it is no longer feasible to carry each and every photo in stock. Depending on demand at the lab, two to three weeks may be required to fill an order. A 13.33 x 20-inch print with mailing is priced at $42, a 16 x 24-inch print with mailing is $55 and a 20 x 30-inch print with mailing is $68. Prints will continue to be sold at our cost. 


As I will be working in the West for several weeks, the revamped Carey Management Philanthropy Photos gallery will reopen for business on September 21. 


Always looking forward to your comments.


The Parting Shot:


Near Georgeville, QC


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