November 27, 2013: Who We Are

At the risk of sounding highfalutin, one of the objectives of Carey Management Philanthropy Photos is to understand and express, through photography, what it means to be Canadian. We are a confederation of provinces and territories covering 9.98 million square kilometres, but more than lines drawn on a map, it is our underlying values that define us as a nation.


We share a sense of belonging


Lake Louise, AB

In early October I stood at a popular lookout enjoying the classic view of Lake Louise with Victoria Glacier in the distance. Every few minutes, large numbers of tourists arrived, cameras clicked, then the crowd would ebb as people returned to waiting buses. There were distinct groups of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and American sightseers, plus smaller bands of Aussie and Dutch travellers. Between waves of visitors, I noticed one traditionally dressed East Indian family remained, obviously in no hurry to leave. My curiosity finally got the better of me, and I asked where they came from.

“Fort McMurray,” they answered.  


We get the job done


Near Ponteix, SK

Bumper crops across the Prairies had farmers working around the clock in September to harvest their grain. Early one evening, I watched a single combine complete its inexorable march through a section of wheat in southwestern Saskatchewan. As the  last stalks succumbed to the knife cutter bar, the huge machine seemed to emit a sigh. In fact, it was the front carriage of this Rube Goldberg contrivance being lifted for greater ground clearance. Without pause, the farmer sitting high in the cab put the combine into gear and, as the sun set, the machine trundled over the stubble to an adjacent field. 


 We put our best foot forward


Montreal, QC

Montreal’s Carifiesta generates little of the buzz of Toronto’s Caribana celebration. It’s more an enjoyable few hours for locals than a major tourist draw. But that does not stop participants from taking their fun seriously. Several weeks before the parade it is not unusual to see groups, proud of their island heritage, honing their technique and choreographing their moves for hours on end in city parks.


We respect the land


Nakusp, BC

We escape to the countryside, dream of the wilderness, and feel humbled by its enormity. A very short time ago it was man versus nature, but today we’ve appointed ourselves as its custodians. With that responsibility comes the knowledge that its preservation and our future are one and the same.    


We maintain a healthy perspective


Dryden, ON

The slope they are sitting on is carved from the Canadian Shield. The fans are among Dryden, Ontario’s youngest and brightest, cheering on their classmates playing in October’s high school homecoming football game. Winning or losing does not seem to matter, but for the record, the home side lost. What matters is the opportunity to spend time with good friends on a glorious autumn afternoon. After the game, during the long drive to Thunder Bay, I reflected on the remarkable feeling of camaraderie and real sense of fun that had filled the event. I feel confident that wherever these students might go in the future and whatever careers they should pursue, they will look back on their high school years with fondness and appreciation. 


• • • 


Near Williamstown, ON

Over the past 12 months, I have marveled at your generosity as shown by the number of photos you have ordered. Thank you. 


I would especially like to express my gratitude to The Conveyor’s Mark Ladouceur who, on more than one occasion, helped make sense of my ramblings, and Jackie Bellerose and Frank Carey who have supported and sustained this endeavour from day one. It is a great privilege to do this work and I truly appreciate the opportunity.  


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Best wishes for the Holiday Season! See you in 2014.

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