July 24, 2013: Water Ways

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Prizewinner for Medicine, 1937


This past June, a combination of spring runoff in the Rocky Mountains and torrential rains unleashed flooding that ravaged southern Alberta. In the wake of the destruction came a remarkable display of selflessness, volunteerism and true grit that attests to an unshakable spirit and an unwavering sense of community. 


Near South Lancaster, ON

Our planet’s most abundant compound, two hydrogen atoms linked with an oxygen atom make our existence possible and support ecosystems from the Atacama Desert to the Pantanal wetland. 


Near Rivière-du-Loup, QC

The Mohawk call it Kaniatarowanenneh, the big waterway. Led by Jacques Cartier, European explorers made it the gateway to the New World. Carrying 16,800 cubic metres of water per second at Tadoussac where the Saguenay discharges into it, the Saint Lawrence River runs 1,197 kilometres from the outflow of Lake Ontario at Kingston to the Atlantic Ocean. 


Near Guelph, ON

It reflects and refracts, both a mirror of reality and a portal into our imagination. Stand on the shoreline on a hot summer’s day and dare to dream.


Joyceville, ON

We all have our favourite tree-lined river, lake or pond where we go to affirm the values that guide us. Sure, we’d like to hook that elusive big one lurking beneath the surface, but that’s the excuse, not the reason we are there. 

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The last six weeks have proven to be very rewarding to Carey Management Philanthropy Photos. In addition to filling orders from people interested in acquiring images from our gallery, two framed photos were auctioned at the June 18th Wallace and Carey Vancouver golf tournament that helped raise $50,000 for Kids Help Phone. Three prints were sent to Jason Baker, Business Development Manager, Ryder Trucks in Calgary, to be auctioned at a Oneball fundraiser to combat testicular cancer. The event, originally scheduled for June 20th at the Elbow River Casino, had to be rescheduled because of flooding. It will now be held on September 26th.  


We also handled two large orders that came about through our collaboration with the Art for Healing Foundation. Ten prints of our most popular size (15 x 22 inches) were provided to the Brampton Civic Hospital and eight, custom-made, large-format ink jets (26 x 40 inches) were sent to the Etobicoke General Hospital, both in the GTA.  


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