May 13, 2014: The Turning Point


Hatley, QC


If the first two photos appearing in this entry have you scrambling to check your calendar, relax. As of this writing, the Stanley Cup playoffs are grinding on and July 1 is nearly seven weeks away. In fact, both pictures were taken on Canada Day 2013 in Hatley, Quebec. They’re posted now as a fitting exclamation point to the April 7 Quebec provincial election.



Hatley, QC


As a matter of principle, impressions about Canada and Canadians posted in the Focal Point blog originate with me – a Montreal-based photographer and sometime blogger who carefully observes character, not politics. And despite the polarizing shenanigans of our recent provincial election campaign, make no mistake about it, the message that was sent on election night, and which resonated from Cape Spear, NL to Boundary Peak, YT, was a tribute to the character of Quebecers. While we have our unabashed xenophobes, our unapologetic extremists, and a few just plain disagreeable types (what province can claim otherwise?), when push finally came to shove, an overwhelming number of Quebecers embraced the values that Canadians hold as universal. The Parti Québecois’ proposed Charter of Values, an unpalatable cobbling together of one-sided rules, regulations and conceits that would have forced minorities to choose between career and beliefs, ultimately led to only one job being lost, that of now former premier Pauline Marois who suffered the ignominy of being drubbed in her own riding,


This provincial election was a watershed moment for Canada. For the first time in thirty-eight years, euphemisms were dropped, the real issue was put in sharp focus, and Quebecers delivered the clearest of decisions. Even separatist star candidate and billionaire media mogul Pierre Karl (PK) Péladeau could not save the Parti Québecois from consummate humiliation. Separatist political spin doctors tried to sell another conclusion, but the proof was there for everyone to see. 



Montreal, QC


As for Quebecers as a whole, well, our celebration has just begun. Bring on La Fête Nationale, Canada Day and, if not this year, at least in the very near future, a Stanley Cup parade. In La Belle Province, there is only one PK who matters, and his last name is Subban!



Montreal, QC


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This spring has been a busy period for Carey Management Philanthropy Photos. We recently took part in NOVA Montreal’s (Victorian Order of Nurses for those of us of a certain age) art fundraiser. On June 1, we will also participate in a fundraiser for the Art for Healing Foundation at Pollack Hall on the grounds of McGill University. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your favourite cause can benefit from our photos.

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