January 20, 2015: Cooperation

Guaranteed to grab our attention, certain to polarize an audience, and idolized or vilified in Hollywood blockbusters, uncompromising, tough-talking tycoons like Carl Icahn, Donald Trump or Canada's own Kevin O'Leary are quick to spread the message that business is nothing if not competitive, ruthless, even cutthroat. Despite their signature browbeating and bullying, there is another way. 




     “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford 




In early December I was at ITWAL’s sprawling A.W. Ferguson Distribution Centre in Brampton, Ontario. In its own quiet and efficient way, ITWAL goes about business, proving on a daily basis that cooperation works, even among rivals. Competing firms use the buying power, warehousing and transportation network of the group to deliver positive results to their respective bottom lines, all the while creating well-paid jobs for a highly capable and loyal workforce. 





I spent a day documenting activity in the warehouse, producing this collection of largely candid photographs. It was the busy period leading up to the Holiday Season, and orders faced tight deadlines. There seemed to be an endless number of trailers to unload and goods to rack, items to pick, pallets to assemble and wrap, and trailers to fill. In what was truly a group effort, the job was accomplished by adhering to a tightly drawn plan created with expert skill derived from years of experience. 





I think you will agree that these images tell a story of commitment, camaraderie and achievement, three credos upon which one can build not only a successful business, but a lifetime of fulfillment. 






• • •


We’re barely into the new year, open to fresh ideas with the aim of making 2015 our best yet. Frank Carey suggested the story about ITWAL. The opportunity to shoot a photo essay in a style reminiscent of the halcyon days of Fortune Magazine, Life and Look is, to a photographer, manna from heaven. Whether reportage or a collection of individual pictures, the camera’s eye of Carey Management Philanthropy Photos will remain sharply focused on Canada and Canadians. 


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