September 20, 2017: (De)Light

Particle, wavelength, reflected, refracted or diffracted, regardless of scientific elucidation, light, above all else, remains magical. 


Montreal, QC


These are the fields of light, and laughing air,

And yellow butterflies, and foraging bees... – Charles G.D. Roberts, The Pea-Fields


Montreal, QC


Westmount, QC


Near Dundee, QC


Some photographers control and modify light to suit their vision. I – under no such illusion about my creativity – react to its quality and impact on my subject. 


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC 


Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, QC


Montreal, QC 


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC


Montreal, QC


Without warning, one day in mid-August you look around and recognize autumn light. The foliage remains steadfastly lush and green, the temperature continues to be summery, but there's an ambient sharpness and clarity that asserts fall is just around the corner.  


Montreal, QC


North Hatley, QC


Brome, QC


Late afternoon light warms the forest canopy, dappling lower branches, bushes and ground cover, turning leaves translucent or making them stand out in relief. The sun does not dally as it did when the summer was young. I line up a photograph, get distracted by a swarm of mosquitoes – aren’t they supposed to be gone by now? – then discover what moments ago was illuminated by its rays, is now deep in shade. 


Near Rigaud, QC


Hidden in wonder and snow, or sudden with summer,

This land stares at the sun in a huge silence

Endlessly repeating something we cannot hear. – F. R. Scott, Laurentian Shield


Near Sainte-Ursule, QC


Near Nipigon, ON


 " private motto has always been that behind every silver lining there is a cloud." – Glenn Gould


Near Grasswood, SK


With no shadows for concealment and no highlights to dazzle, the original livery of this long-abandoned bread truck reveals itself through faded paint and a well-worn patina.


Montreal, QC


Sunlight streams through the crack created where both halves of the simple, split door come together, past the vestibule and into the nave of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, built in 1913. I peer into a time when pioneering people routinely faced hardship, and the place they came to seek reassurance and enlightenment. 


Near Krydor, SK


"Magic hour is not the time to be in a restaurant." – Roloff Beny


Near Frelighsburg, QC


• • •


Just after Labour Day, I received an order from the Art for Healing Foundation for nine large prints. Five will find a home in the Kemptville District Hospital in southeastern Ontario; four are destined for the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal. As a direct result of the remarkable work done by founders Earl Pinchuk and Gary Blair, since January of this year, forty-nine images from the Carey Management Philanthropy Photos collection have been placed in institutions ranging from big city medical centres to rural senior residences. In their own words, "The Art for Healing Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the healing power of art to hospitals and wellness facilities, transforming public and patient areas into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of serenity and hope for patients, their families and healthcare providers."


Thank you, Earl and Gary, for your extraordinary efforts and for kindly considering these photographs for your installations. 


Always looking forward to your comments.   


The Parting Shots:

When miniature horses daydream, do they imagine themselves as Northern Dancer, Sea Biscuit or Secretariat? "They round the far turn and thunder down the homestretch, past the grandstand and the roar of the crowd as they reach for the wire!"


Brome, QC

September is graced with a rare sighting of a pack of elusive road rafters in brilliant, early autumn plumage.


Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, QC










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