January 8, 2013

The images I am lucky enough to capture for Carey Management Philanthropy Photos include candid moments of Canadians at their best. I would argue that they accurately represent values we embrace as a society and stand as an affirmation of what we do right. 


Montreal, QC

Witness the recent accomplishments of fifteen-year-old Jessica Carroll. (She is aboard the tractor in the September photograph featured in the Wallace & Carey/JP Beaudry 'No Shortcuts' calendar as well as our Philanthropy Photos gallery.) Her mother, Judy, wrote in a year-end email: "Jessica did well at our local Grenville County Plowing Match again this September. She won the 4-H Class. She is also our Queen of the Furrow and her sister Sydney is Princess of the Furrow. As Queen, Jessica will be required to attend the International Plowing Match. It will be quite an experience for her. She is pretty young to be doing this, but the girl can plow."


Chute-à-Blondeau, ON

The enthusiastic response to the new website has been most gratifying. Holiday Season orders were filled from Victoria, British Columbia to Habitant, Nova Scotia, with stops in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Three Philanthropy Photos were also contributed to the annual Christmas raffle of Montreal-based Fednav Ltd. to raise funds for local charities. I am further encouraged by an invitation to meet this month with the nonprofit Art for Healing Foundation to examine opportunities to collaborate on future projects. 


Montreal, QC

There’s been no shortage of snow in much of the country. On December 27th, Montreal shattered our all-time, one-day record with 45 centimetres that blustered and gusted before settling into huge drifts. In a year where dubious and deceptive conduct often stole the headlines, we finally recognized one thing around here as pure as the driven snow: driven snow!

With no NHL hockey, déneigement, which sounds a lot sexier than snow removal, is the uncontested spectator and participation sport around town. There is something very gratifying about shoveling snow. When approached with determination and diligence, it doesn’t take long to see the progress you make. That’s a simple but persuasive lesson I will carry with me into 2013.

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