March 15, 2016: A Cold Truth About Who We Are

Every native knows that Canada is never so alive, so vibrant and so thoroughly Canadian as in sub-zero season. – Bruce Hutchison


 Beauharnois, QC


Near Montfort, QC


March 1: a mere three weeks from the vernal equinox and we're bracing for what is being touted by meteorologists as the blizzard of 2016.

daw_D8A1404Montreal, QC

March 2: it appears that the dire warnings were a bit overstated. 


Near Frelighsburg, QC 


I'm writing from Montreal, a city whose inhabitants are not saddled with a reputation for dramatizing the impact of a bit of nasty weather. While Regina is rightly jubilant with its round of T-shirt weather in February and a friend visiting Victoria sends photos of spring well… springing forth, I can’t say that I wasn't relishing the prospect of a final spell of real winter before the sap in the maple trees starts to run.    


Near Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, QC


Near Montfort, QC


We consider, ponder, debate and legislate aspects of our life that define us as Canadians while, arguably, winter is the single greatest factor in shaping our national temperament.


Montreal, QC 


Montreal, QC


Years ago, I was photographing Echo Bay's Lupin gold mine in Nunavut when an Inuit family who had made the decision to return to living off the land, came to the mine site to visit the nurse. The weather quickly deteriorated and rather than risk the short snowmobile trip down Contwoyto Lake back to their camp, they calmly remained in the commissary until conditions improved the next day.  


Rockport, ON


Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, QC


Most of you know about Wallace & Carey's 100 Days of Summera period of intense activity with all hands on deck to ensure that vacationers seamlessly enjoy their goodies and treats wherever they travel. But it is during winter that the blueprint is drawn up; a time when all Canadians design and devise, formulate and frame, and plan where we want to be down the road.


Montreal, QC


Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, QC


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The Parting Shots:

 We need spring. We need it desperately and, usually, we need it before God is willing to give it to us. — Peter Gzowski


Montreal, QC


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