August 6, 2014: Of Emerald, Jade, Kelly and Olive


Near Sirdar, BC


Near Biggar, SK


While the white stuff is what we’re known for and the red maple leaf identifies us anywhere on the globe, from May through August it is the good-natured and politely composed colour of green that defines us: energetic, spirited and full of life.



Near Webbwood, ON


Jones Falls, ON


It’s kindling for creativity, the perfect potion to excite and enthuse, regaling us with visual proof of how it transforms our surroundings, turning tired and predictable into fresh and invigorating.



Montreal, QC


North Vancouver, BC


The colour of our planet’s lungs, as Canadian as the boreal forest, infused with hues and fragrances that connect us to the distant past and our primordial needs, green is, for all its bravado, a fragile and ephemeral state. Locked within its pigment lies the false promise of endless summer, soon to be infiltrated by crimsons and yellows that are harbingers of cooler weather and the inevitable slide into weather-beaten shades of brown and grey.



Montreal, QC


• • •


August is when we go to press with the Wallace & Carey-Beaudry & Cadrin 2015 calendar. I won’t spill the beans by giving away the theme, but I think you will like the photos and know you will enjoy Dana Longeway’s superior design.


There are others behind the scene whose contributions are essential and greatly appreciated. Shohreh Monajem and Christine Renaud are two simultaneous interpreters who find time in their busy travel schedules to collaborate on translating the quotes. They consider and debate the nuances of the written word, settling on just the right turn of phrase so the gist is captured in both our official languages. The Conveyor’s Mark Ladouceur sweats the details and proofreads the files before proofreading them again, and once more to be certain that moon phases are correct, dates accurate, and the feared typo is nowhere to be seen. Carey Management's Sandra Herman is responsible for handling the logistics, making sure that everything gets to where it’s supposed to be on time. Of course, our sponsors make the whole package possible. Thank you for your kind and generous support!


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