June 12, 2013: Slather on the Sunscreen

It’s difficult to reach a national consensus on just about any topic, but if there is one sentiment we can all agree on, it is this: after the winter of 2012-13, we’ve earned the right to sunshine, long days and warm temperatures. (This is doubly true for Saskatchewanians and Manitobans!)


Toronto, ON

Whether relaxing on a beach or surviving the dog days on the balcony, exploring the back country or wandering through an unfamiliar city, taking a road trip or making the most of a staycation, summer is both a time to celebrate the thermometer's climb to a degree where shorts and T-shirts become a national fashion statement, and a barometer to gauge just how much our country has changed.


Ottawa, ON

In the past we attended neighbourhood barbecues where hot dogs and hamburgers were served. Today, they share the grill with jerk chicken and kebabs. We play on softball teams where the pitcher hails from Peru, the shortstop from Croatia, and two of the three outfielders converse in Mandarin. We chat with newcomers whose beliefs and cultures may be unfamiliar, but we realize that in no way are they strange. Our attitudes and inclinations have mellowed and matured, but the essential principles that define and guide us as a nation resonate from coast to coast to coast.   


Sparwood, BC

As I sign off, the rain clouds have lifted and low light is streaming through the branches of the smoke tree on the front lawn. Time to grab the camera and head outdoors. Like summer, the magic is fleeting. 


Montreal, QC

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