"Use Canada as your canvas and Canadians as your subjects to capture the essence and values of our company, without showing it, its employees, or any of its activities."

This was the highly unusual challenge that Frank Carey issued to me two years before Wallace & Carey’s 90th anniversary. The publication of the book, A Canadian Journey, did not mark the end of a marvelous photographic assignment, but the beginning of a commitment to discover who we are as Canadians.


Gaspereaux, PE/Akie River, BC

Like this company, we learned that Canadians are involved in myriad and diverse activities, enjoy what they do, aim to excel, and are satisfied letting their actions speak louder than words.

We look forward to developing a contemporary collection of photographs that casts light on our national character while exploring all corners of Canada, and most of the flat parts in between!


Daniel Wiener, photographer


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